Hi! I study number theory and algebraic geometry, and I'm currently a Lecturer at the University of Maryland. I'm interested in abelian varieties over number fields and finite fields, low-genus curves, Galois representations, modular forms, and applications in cryptography. I graduated in May 2018, and my Ph.D. advisor was Larry Washington. I was the President of the Directed Reading Program at UMD.  

You can contact me at bloom@math.umd.edu. My office is Room 4113 in the Mathematics Building.  

You can find my Resume here. It was last updated in January 2019.  

I fence at the DC Fencers Club. I am an organizer of Tikkun Leil Shabbat.  


  1. Slides for my thesis defense (April 9, 2018)
  2. "Almost prime values of the order of abelian varieties over finite fields," arXiv:1803.03698 (2018).
  3. "The square sieve and a Lang-Trotter question for generic abelian varieties," Accepted, J. Number Theory. arXiv:1702.03017 (2017).
  4. with A. Vu, Y. Qin, C.-K. Lin, A. Abouimrane, A. K. Burrell, D. Bass, J. Bareno, I. Bloom, "Effect of Composition on the Voltage Fade Phenomenon in Lithium-, Manganese-Rich (x)-LiMnO3 (1-x)-LiNiaMnbCocO2: A Combinatorial Synthesis Approach," J. Power Sources, 294 (2015) 711-718.