General Information

Class webpage:

Instructor:     Prof. Doron Levy

Contact Information

  My office is on the first floor of the Math Building, room 1105.  
  Phone: 301-405-5140.

Office Hours:   TTh at 10 and by appointment 

Grader:   Jack Lewis,

Lecture Classroom:    MATH 0303

Lecture:   TTh 11-12:15

:  The lectures will mostly follow my Numerical Analysis lecture notes.  These lecture notes can be downloaded here.

Matlab: Some of the homework problems will require basic programming skills. This is not a programming class, so it will be assumed that you have some programming knowledge.  You are asked to use Matlab for the computer assignments.  Access to Matlab is available on the University computer systems.  You can also purchase a student version of the program for your own computer.  There are various online resources which teach basic Matlab programming.  In case you do not know how to work with Matlab, you should go over some of these resources quickly.  Links to several online resources are available on the course webpage.

Grading PolicyHomework 20%, each midterm 20%, final 40% 

HW Policy: Homework will be assigned on the web.  Homework is due in class.  Late homework will not be graded.  To avoid confusion, do not leave any homework in my mailbox, under the door, etc.  Such homework will not be graded. 

Makeup Policy: There will be no makeup exams. In case of a medical or family emergency, please contact me by email before the exam. In cases of a justified and documented absence (for a medical or family emergency - and I was contacted before the exam) the weight of the missed exam will be shifted to the final exam. 

Exams: There will be 2 midterm exams and one final exam.  All midterm exams will be held in class instead of a lecture.  If you have any conflicts with the assigned dates of the exams please contact me by email up to one week before the exam. The dates of the exams are:

  1. Midterm 1: Thursday, March 14 (in class, instead of lecture)
  2. Midterm 2: Thursday, April 18 (in class, instead of lecture)
  3. Final Exam: Thursday, May 16, 8am-10am (in class)

Academic Integrity: All work that you submit must be your own.  You are welcomed to discuss the material with each other in a general way, but you may not consult any one else's written work, drafts, etc.  Any marked similarity in form or notation between submissions with different authors will be regarded as evidence of academic dishonesty so protect your work.   You must cite any reference you use and clearly mark any quotation or close paraphrase that you include.  Such citation will not lower your grade, although extensive quotation might.  Homework should be done individually.

Students with Disabilities: Students who require special examination conditions must register with the office of the Accessibility and Disability Service (ADS).  Documentation must be provided to me and discussed within the first week of classes.  Exams should be scheduled following ADS procedures.