UMD Student PDE Seminar, Spring 2022

Welcome to the UMD Student PDE Seminar! This seminar is organized by and for graduate students studying / interested in partial differential equations. In order to include and benefit a larger number of people, we focus on introductory topics beyond the scope of the PDE I&II sequence that should be helpful to most of us.

Examples of topics: regularity of PDEs, Fourier analysis, analysis in rough domains, theory of function spaces, calculus of variations, and connections between PDEs and fields such as probability and geometry.

when: Wednesdays, 1 pm

where: MATH1313

contact: stavrosp AT umd DOT edu


Below is the schedule for the Spring semester of 2021-2022:

  • February 9th: Stavros Papathanasiou - An elementary introduction to the calculus of variations

  • February 16th: Brandon Kolstoe - Solving the Laplace Equation with Brownian Motion

  • February 23rd: Chi-Hao Wu - Kolmogorov forward equation and hypoellipticity

  • March 2nd: empty slot

  • March 9th: Lucas Bouck - Introduction to Bochner spaces and Aubin-Lions lemma

  • March 16th: Vasanth Pidaparthy - Weak solutions to PDE via Dirichlet duality

  • March 23rd: Spring Break

  • March 30th: Michael Rozowski - A survey of real interpolation of Banach spaces with a view towards PDEs

  • April 6th: Revati Jadhav - Whitney's extension theorem

  • April 13th: empty slot

  • April 20th: Shashank Sule - MCF I: curve shortening flow

  • April 27th: Ethan Dudley - MCF II: mean curvature flow on hypersurfaces