Dmitry Dolgopyat.


Institution Duration of study Degree Support
Moscow High School 57 September 87-June 89 High School Diploma
Moscow State University September 89-June 94 University Diplome in Mathematics Petrovsky fellowship (Fall 92-Spring 93)
Princeton University September 94-June 97 PhD in Mathematics Elisabeth Procter fellowship (Fall 96-Spring 97)


Institution Duration of stay Position Research support
University of California at Berkeley August 97-July 99 Research Fellow Miller Research fellowship (Fall 97-Spring 99)
Pennsylvania State University August 99-June 03 Assistant Proffessor Sloan Research fellowship (Fall 00-Spring 02)
NSF (Summer 2000-Spring 2003)
University of Maryland August 02-current Associate Proffessor NSF (Summer 2003-Spring 2006)

Short visits

Institution Time of visit
Claustal Technical University November 94
Manchester University October 97
Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas, Guanajuato January 99
Hebrew University November 99
Newton Institute, Cambridge June 00
August 03
Instituto de Mathematica Pura e Aplicada, Rio do Janeiro August 00
Northwestern University May 01
Scuola Normale, Pisa February 02
Ecole Polytechnique May 02
ETH, Zurich June 02
Institute for Advanced Study September 02-April 03
Caltech May 03
RIMS, Kyoto January 04
Institute Henri Poincare May-July 05
Pierre and Marie Curie University June 06

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