Standalone Notes for Various Courses

millerrabin.pdf The Miller Rabin Primality Test
pminusone.pdf The p-1 Factoring Method
pollardrho.pdf The Pollard Rho Factoring Method
elgamal.pdf The ElGamal Cryptosystem
transpose.pdf The Transpose of a Linear Transformation
simplifieddes.pdf An overview of DES encryption and the (a) Simplified DES algorithm.
aesoverview.pdf An overview of AES encryption.
onetimepad.pdf Explanation of one-time pads and connection to perfect secrecy.
sha256.pdf A high-level overview of SHA-256.
cryptocurrency.pdf How blockchains and cryptocurrencies work.
ecfactoring.pdf Factoring with Elliptic Curves
homomorphicencryption.pdf Homomorphic Encryption Primer