MATH 431 Material


Note that notes can be in one of two states. Either "Preliminary" which means they're up just to get something up and they will almost certainly undergo modifications, and "Mostly Reliable" which means they won't really change except for typos, small mistakes, and so on.

ch_review.pdf Linear Algeba Review (Mostly Reliable)
ch_2dgraphics.pdf 2D Graphics (Mostly Reliable)
ch_complex.pdf Complex Numbers (Mostly Reliable)
ch_projective2.pdf Real Projective 2-Space (Mostly Reliable)
ch_projective3.pdf Real Projective 3-Space (Mostly Reliable)
ch_gimballock.pdf Gimbal Lock (Mostly Reliable)
ch_quaternions.pdf Quaternions (Mostly Reliable)
ch_geometricalgebra.pdf Geometric Algebra (Mostly Reliable)
ch_bezier.pdf Bezier Curves (Mostly Reliable)