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Research Experience for Undergraduates

Modern topics in pure and applied mathematics

An intense 8-week summer program for undergraduate students will be run at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD, for three years: 2022, 2023, and 2024. Research topics in six different fields of contemporary pure and applied mathematics will be offered. Each year, two research topics will be advertised and a total of 12 undergraduates will be recruited nationwide. The projects will come from hot research areas where a lot of exploration is yet to be done. This will enable the undergraduates to exploit their creativity and advance knowledge in the corresponding fields. The REU program will start with two weeks of teaching the undergraduates the necessary background. Then each team of six undergrads will be split into a few subgroups to work on specific projects within each topic. Each team will include a UMD graduate assistant who will help the faculty team leader mentor the undergrads. Besides technical training and research activities, the REU program will involve three weekly seminars: the Update Seminar where the undergrads will give oral presentations on their projects, the Exposure Seminar where professors from the UMD and nearby universities will give expository talks on their research, and the Lunchtime Workshop where topics such as how to apply for graduate schools and research fellowships, how to write a paper and give a talk will be discussed. The REU program will be concluded with the Symposium where each undergraduate participant will give a talk. Additionally, each undergrad will need to write a report that will be converted into a paper in a peer-reviewed journal. Selected participants will be given an opportunity to present their work in conferences such as the Joint Mathematics Meeting.

Summer 2023 REU

REU 2023 team

REU 2023 team: (first row, left to right) Santiago Martinez (University of Maryland), Maria Cameron (the REU director, UMD) Rayyan El Ghandour (Walter Johnson High School, MD), Abjini Chattopadhyay (Blair High School, MD), Amy Xu (Walt Whitman High School, MD), Seyed Banihashemi (MATH graduate student, UMD); (second row, left to right) Stanley Jian (Columbia University), Aren Martinian (UC Berkeley), Bill Chen (Northwestern University), Alkis Boukas (Cornell University), Julien Kaufmann (University of Notre Dame), Etienne Phillips (North Carolina State University), Christian Zickert (the algebra group professor, UMD), Leo Chang (Northwestern University); (row three, left to right) Adam Moubarak (Stevens College), Daniel Xu (Columbia University), Arnav Mehta (UC Berkeley), Roy Lam (Cornell University), Valerie Wray (AMSC graduate student, UMD), Vasanth Pidaparthy (MATH graduate student, UMD); (row four, left to right) Luis Suarez (MATH graduate student, UMD), Perrin Ruth (AMSC graduate student, UMD), Luca Nijim (University of Notre Dame)

Dates of the Summer Program:

June 12, 2023 -- August 4, 2023

Program outline

Kick-off. Slides

Monday, June 12, MATH 3206

UMD Calendar: Campus Closures

We will follow the UMD Academic Calendar (scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Exposure Seminar.

Wednesdays, 2--3 PM, MATH 3206

Joint REU Seminar.

Thursdays, 4--5 PM, MATH 3206

Lunchtime Workshop

Mondays, 12--1:30 PM, MATH lounge

Poster Competition

Wednesday, August 2, Rotunda

Poster Competition

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The hike in the Great Falls park on the Virginia side, July 4, 2023

Great Falls, VA, Scenic Outlook
Great Falls, VA, Scenic Outlook

Great Falls, VA, on the trail

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