Open problems in symbolic dynamics

Open Problems in Symbolic Dynamics

Last revised: 20 March 2016

This is a website devoted to presenting open problems in symbolic dynamics and tracking their solutions. I welcome suggestions for open problems, links to related problem sites and announcements of solved problems. The initial seed for the site is the survey
Open problems in symbolic dynamics ("OPSD"),
from "Geometric and probabilistic structures in dynamics, 69--118, Contemp. Math., 469, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 2008."

I'll post announcements of solutions to problems from OPSD. For those who solve problems stated in OPSD, I'd be grateful to hear about it, and for inclusion of OPSD in their references, so that future workers might easily find solutions in MathSciNet by tracking citations.

Problems from OPSD which have been solved:

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