Partha Lahiri

Professor, Statistics Program
Department of Mathematics

Professor and Director
Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM)

University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

EVS, Stat

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Selected Monographs and Special Issued Edited

SiT Special Issue 2020 (Guest Editor-in-Chief: P. Lahiri)

Special issue on small area estimation, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, Volume 180, Issue 4, 2017 ( (eds. N. Tzavidis, L.C. Zhang, D. Pfeffermann and P. Lahiri)

Statistical Science 2011 Special Issue on Bayesian Methods That Frequentists Should Know (eds. P. Lahiri and E. Slud).

IMS Monograph on Model Selection, , Volume 38, 2001 (ed. P.Lahiri). This volume features four long review papers (with discussions) by (i) C. R. Rao and Y. Wu, (ii) H. Chipman, E. I. George, and R. E. McCulloch, (iii) J. O. Berger and L. R. Pericchi and (iv) B. Efron and A. Gous.

Selected Research Papers

COVID-19 Related Papers
Sen, A. and Lahiri, P. (2020), Estimation of mask effectiveness perception for small domains using multiple data sources,

Hirose, M. and Lahiri, P. (2020), Multi-Goal Prior Selection: A Way to Reconcile Bayesian and Classical Approaches for Random Effects Models , Journal of the American Statistical Association.
Ganesh, N. and Lahiri, P. (2008), A new class of average moment matching priors , Biometrika.

Probabilistic Record Linkage
Han, M. and Lahiri, P. (2018), Statistical Analysis with Linked Data , International Statistical Review.
Lahiri, P. and Larsen, M. (2005), Regression analysis with linked data , Journal of the American Statistical Association.

Empirical Best Prediction Methods
Hirose, M. and Lahiri, P. (2018),Estimating variance of random effects to solve multiple problems simultaneously , Annals of Statistics.
Yoshimori, M. and Lahiri, P. (2014),A second-order efficient empirical Bayes confidence interval , Annals of Statistics.
Yoshimori, M. and Lahiri, P. (2014),A new adjusted maximum likelihood method for the Fay-Herriot small area model , Journal of Multivariate Analysis.
Jiang, J. and Lahiri, P. (2006),Mixed model prediction and small area estimation, Editor's invited discussion paper , Test.
Datta, G. and Lahiri, P. (2000),A unified measure of uncertainty of estimated best linear unbiased predictors in small area estimation problems , Statistica Sinica.

Resampling Methods
Jiang, J, Lahiri, P. and Nguyen, T. (2018),A Unified Monte-Carlo Jackknife for Small Area Estimation after Model Selection , Annals of Mathematical Sciences and Applications.
Chatterjee, S., Lahiri, P. and Li, H. (2008), On small area prediction interval problems , Annals of Statistics.
Jiang, J, Lahiri, P. and Wan, S. (2003),Jackknifing the mean squared error of empirical best predictor , Annals of Statistics.
Butar, F. and Lahiri, P. (2003),On the measures of uncertainty of empirical Bayes small-area estimators , Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference.


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