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AMSC 663.664/ CMSC 663.664: Projects of the Academic Year 2015-2016

P1 Collaborative Image Triage with Humans and Computer Vision, Addison Bohannon
P2 Spectral Clustering on Handwritten Digits Database, Danielle Middlebrooks
P3 Modeling Imatinib-Treated Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, Cara Peters
P4 Lagrangian Analysis of Two- and Three-Dimensional Oceanic Flows from Eulerian Velocity Data, David Russell
P5 MRI Signal Reconstruction via Fourier Frames on Interleaving Spirals, Christiana Sabett
P6 The Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers. An Adaptive Step-size Software Library, Peter Sutor
P7 Solving the Stochastic Steady-State Diffusion Problem using Multigrid, Tengfei Su
P8 Classiffication of Hand-Written Digits Using Scattering Convolutional Network, Dongmian Zou